Curvy Pots Handmade - Ivy

Hello, I'm Ivy — a Canadian potter and artist based near Vancouver, British Columbia.

I've been working with clay since 2011, dabbling between wheel throwing and hand building. Since then, I've evolved from making pottery as a personal passion to a pottery business selling functional kitchenware worldwide and guiding others at beginner-friendly pottery workshops and classes.

Today, my handmade ceramic bowls and pottery coffee mugs can be found at local art shops around Vancouver and also online on my Etsy shop (@Curvypotshandmade) and in my online store.

In 2020, I was frustrated that I couldn't find a pottery apron that fit my needs and sizing. For this reason, I came up with a new design and the rest is history.

For fellow pottery enthusiasts, I encourage you to explore my specially designed artist split leg aprons — these aprons are the perfect complement to your creative journey. My split leg aprons are made proudly in Canada (by my talented mother-in-law) and are available in my online store and also at two pottery suppliers in Canada (Greenbarn in Vancouver area and Tucker's Pottery in Ontario). 

Whether you're seeking a unique piece of pottery, shopping online, or joining one of my beginner-friendly workshops, I'm here to guide you through the world of ceramics. Discover more about my story by sending an email, booking a pottery workshop, or connecting with me in person.

Let's embark on this creative journey together and uncover your own passion and purpose.

Welcome to Curvy Pots!