I am Ivy.

I've been wheel throwing and making pottery/ceramics since 2011. To be honest though, my journey with clay started when I was young at pottery camps. I still remember the first teapot I made was with clay coils and glazed in pink and lime green.

Fast forward, my obsession of making pottery grew and I began selling my ceramic bowls and pottery coffee mugs at craft markets and art shows. 

Now, you can find my pottery in art shops around Vancouver, on Etsy (@Curvypotshandmade) as well as on my shop here. Be sure to check out my handmade artist split leg aprons too. They are made specifically with potters in mind.

I opened my home pottery studio to the public during COVID and began hosting private workshops as a way to invite others to explore the art of pottery. The rest is history. 

Want to find out more about me? Send me an email, book a pottery workshop or connect with me in person!

Whenever and wherever our journey may cross paths, I hope you find your passion and purpose.