~ A passionate Canadian potter who enjoys making colorful, bright and functional kitchenware that will spark conversations at your dinner parties and gatherings. ~

My journey with clay started when I was young at pottery camps and summer workshops. I have always been drawn to creating art with my hands and the process of pottery making is a meditative and addictive one.

In 2011, I revisited pottery as a way to slow down, to be in the moment, and to create again. My relationship with clay quickly grew and became more intimate. Now, you will find my small batch production at local markets and holiday sales.

I am experimental with my artistic style and enjoy creating functional and modern heirlooms that will be treasured for years to come. My favorite items to make are harvest bowls, garlic storage pots, and mugs. 

Whenever and wherever our journey may cross paths, I hope you will also find your passion and purpose. 

With love,