Why choose split leg aprons?

There are many pottery aprons in the market but my design is focussed on simplistic design, hassle-free function with no drawstring ties or buckles, and adjustable fit with durable and soft fabric.

Each apron is handmade in a small studio in Canada and individually measured and fitted. 


1) Split leg aprons prevent dirt, clay, paint, and glaze from getting on to the artist's thighs or clothes. Save your nice clothes with this apron style!

2) Split leg aprons are great for potters to use at the pottery wheel. The overlap coverage is wide enough to cover the thighs. 

3) Large front pocket with a deep compartment to store your favorite tools, cellphone, or other pocket gadgets.

4) Denim fabric is great for heavy duty use. It is durable yet easy to wear and wash. Pop this preshrunk apron in the wash and forget about it - easy maintenance.

Design features:

This apron features a Japanese cross back design with thick shoulder straps that continues to the back to form an adjustable fit. With this accordion design, the apron can fit many body shapes and sizes, from XS to XL. It is hassle-free to put on, easy to use, and soft to touch. The apron is made with a durable denim fabric for heavy duty users or a super soft seersucker cotton texture that is gentle and perfect for artists with sensitive skin.  

Purple split leg apron with front pockets for tools

- Made with seer sucker cotton fabric

Split leg apron designed for pottery and painting

Blue split leg apron in super soft seer sucker cotton fabric

Custom blue split leg apron for potters

Denim split leg apron - unisex

Denim split leg apron - heavy duty for artists and potters