• Are your workshops beginner friendly?

Yes, my workshops are meant to be fun! I have workshops for both kids and adults.

  • It's my first workshop, what do I need to bring?

    Come with a positive mindset, dress for the mess or bring an apron, and that's pretty much it.

    • I can't find a time that works for me. Can I contact to enquire another time?

    Yes, please do! Email me at curvypotspottery@gmail.com.

    • Are your workshops refundable?

    Unfortunately I am a small business business and all workshops are final sale. Thank you for understanding.

    • I just got my pottery project back. Is it food safe?

    Yes, unless specified, my pottery items are glazed with food safe glazes.

    • How come pottery is so expensive to produce?

    The materials used in pottery are natural clay or glazes that are costly. Equipment used in the process of making pottery are a pricy investment as well. 

    Pottery basics

    • What is clay?

    Clays and inelastic earth are the results of decomposing rocks in which the particle size is extremely small. In my studio I mainly use stoneware clay which has a smooth white finish.

    • What is glaze?

    Glaze is the glass coating on the surface of pottery items. It can give the surface a glossy, matte, smooth, textured, opaque, or clear finish. Varying glaze compositions result in different glaze outcomes after firing.

    • What is a kiln?

    In basic terms, a kiln is similar to an oven with chambers that heat up to fire clay at high temperatures. My ceramics fire over 1000 degrees Celsius for over 10 hours.

    Public Health Guidance

    • Do I need to wear a mask? The health guidance has been updated so that masks are no longer required (March 2022)

    While the PHO guidance has been updated to optional masks, I would highly recommend wearing masks in my studio as clay can cause clay dust, allergies, and other irritants. For your safety and mine, we will be wearing masks during  class.

    Public washrooms

    • Sorry there are no public washrooms on site. However, I am situated  closed to a few shops that would have washrooms for you to use. A handwashing station is available.