Custom order for Vincent - Split leg aprons

Custom order for Vincent - Split leg aprons

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Custom order for Vincent


  • handmade split leg denim apron in black cotton denim fabric
  • features a front pocket, side pocket, split leg front at the legs, a towel loop, and a cross back expandable design


  • 6 aprons 


  • approximately 175 cm or 69 inches, width fits up to 100 cm or 34 to 40 inch waist size - due to the nature of these aprons being handmade, there are minor discrepancies and no one apron is the same


  • production time takes approximately 5-7 weeks
  • each piece is handmade in Canada


  • please note that all sales are final; no refund or exchange
  • please be mindful that the color may transfer to light colored clothes; advise washing separately
  • the black cotton fabric may fade over time

PRICING (in Canadian currency)

  • $115 per apron X 6 = $690 
  • $96 international surface shipping to UK
  • Total: $786 CDN