All about pottery glazes. Finishing your pottery pieces with colors and designs.

pottery glazing
When you sign up for a pottery throwing workshop, you have a choice to learn the full pottery making experience which includes making your pottery project on the pottery throwing wheel, trimming the item with design elements such as a foot or refining the shape, and finally, glazing which includes painting or applying pigments to your item to make it food safe and shiny.

What are pottery glazes?

There are quite a few pottery decorating techniques out there. At my pottery studio I have a generous selection of pottery glazes and pigments for students to use and experiment on their pottery projects.

Pottery glaze is made up of five basic components. These components are silica, alumina, flux, colorants and modifiers. Even though all glazes are made up of the same components, there is a vast range of colors and types to choose from.

While glazes are vastly different from paint, it gives off a similar finish that provides a smooth, glass-like surface. It comes in just about any color that you can imagine and there are also different finishing from matte to glossy as well as ones with crystals, speckles or crack like textures.

Mastering the pottery glazing technique

A big part of making pottery is experimenting with glazes and finishing techniques. At my pottery studio, all pottery projects are glazed with a food safe coating and finish. When you apply glazes on your pottery project, you will realize that the glazes look different in color than it would be after the firing process. This is often the fun and also challenging part as you won't really know what color it will look like until the piece goes through the pottery kiln and firing process. The heat in the kiln is what allows the chemical reaction to happen where the glazes will change from its liquid form to harden as a glass-like top coat on your pottery piece.

Want to experience it for yourself?

Sign up for a pottery making workshop and learn more about pottery glazes, glaze application, and the best part - seeing the finish product.

Check out my gallery where you will see what others like you have made at my pottery studio.

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