Common pottery making tools, supplies, and equipment

pottery making tools

When you sign up for a pottery throwing workshop, all tools, supplies and clay will be included in your experience.

Let's take a look together at some common pottery making tools and supplies that I use at my pottery making studio in Surrey, B.C.

Clay for pottery making

What is clay? Generally speaking, clay is a substance made from natural materials which when combined with the right amount of water will become soft and plastic and can be shaped and molded.

There are so many types and brands of clay from black, red, brown, speckled to super white... so on. At my studio I work with white clay that has a soft and plastic consistency. These types of clay are called stoneware white clay or porcelain and they give a bright smooth finish to your pottery pieces when glazed with a shiny top coat/finishing.

Common pottery throwing and making tools

There are many brands and types of tools that are made specifically for potters or ceramic artists.

Here's a list of the common tools that I use at my pottery making studio:

  • a pin tool for cutting, poking air bubbles, checking depth of the piece
  • different types of sponges including natural sea sponges, special pottery sponges as well as synthetic sponges for clean up etc.
  • ribs - wood, metal and silicone rubber in many shapes and sizes to help form curvy pottery mug or bowl shapes
  • carving tools including knives, loop or ribbon tools
  • a non-stick canvas work surface for wedging and preparing clay
  • measuring devices – including scales, rulers, calipers
  • rolling pin specific for pottery making
  • pottery specific textures, stamps, and design accessories
  • brushes – a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials

There are many more pottery making tools that are available in the market that I have yet to try. Every potter has his/her own preferences and some even make their own tools. Common household items can also be reused or customized to use in the pottery studio. Can you think of some ideas? 

Come try a pottery throwing workshop with me and try these tools first hand or find your favorite one. 

Take a look at my gallery to see what others like you have made during their first pottery throwing experience.

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