What should I wear at my first pottery throwing workshop?

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Here's a quick post on what to wear at your first pottery throwing beginner friendly workshop.

Generally - you can wear whatever makes you comfortable and clothes that are easily washable.

This is my first pottery throwing experience, will I get splashed and covered in clay?

You might get a light splash of clay or clay water on your clothes or shoes, but clay can be washed off clothes on a regular wash cycle and even better it tends to brush off once dry. I also recommend wearing aprons when pottery throwing and that helps prevent clay and dirt on your clothes.

Aprons - what types of aprons should I wear and are there pottery specific aprons?

Do not panic - Any kitchen apron will work for pottery throwing and I also craft and create pottery specific split leg aprons in durable denim fabric that is available for purchase on site. Take a look at my cool design that is so versatile and reusable for other activities such as cooking or crafts after your pottery workshop.

Find out more here.

What should I wear?

I recommend wearing long pants or trousers instead of skirts or dresses as you will be sitting on a stool with with your knees on either side of a potters wheel. Again, I recommend wearing split leg aprons which provides the maximum coverage for your legs when pottery throwing.

To prevent soggy sleeves, wearing a short sleeve top or one that can be easily rolled up is preferred.

Should I accessorize my outfit with jewelry?

Before the start of your pottery throwing workshop, I would recommend that you remove any jewelry, rings, watches or long necklaces as they may be prone to getting scratched/filled with clay during your session. You might want to keep this at home to save any worries about leaving a family heirloom in your apron pockets.

Should I tie my hair back?

It’s best to tie your hair back in a high ponytail or bun so your hair doesn't get tangled in clay. You will throw on a pottery wheel that is electric and it will be spinning with speed.

Can I throw and make pottery with long or artificial nails?

Short nails are advised as long nails tend to gouge pieces of clay out as you are throwing and making an object. That being said, I am also a manicure fan and understand it's costly to remove bling nails before a pottery session. There are ways we can modify our technique to help in these situations.


The pottery throwing experience is meant to be fun and relaxing. Even with all the details provided above, most people are often pleasantly surprised at what they can make and achieve on their first pottery throwing experience.

If you’re surprising someone and want to be super prepared, bring them an apron, a hair tie and a nail file or nail clipper just in case.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at curvypotspottery@gmail.com

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