Handmade colorful and functional pottery for your home

Sign up for a ceramic ornament workshop in Surrey near Vancouver

Sign up for a ceramic ornament workshop. Beginner friendly and all tools provided, grab a group of friends or sign up for a date night activity indoors at a pottery studio in Surrey, B.C.

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Center Clay on the Pottery Wheel

There are so many tips and tricks for centering clay on the pottery wheel, including do's and don'ts. Let me try to break it down and share with you what works for me. Why do we need to center clay? Centering is the process of distributing clay on the pottery wheel evenly  before creating a pottery piece. Centering allows me to shape the clay evenly to make a symmetrical piece. Unless you are looking to intentionally create a wobbly piece on the wheel, centering is an essential step for all potters to master. Centering clay is very hard! Many beginner potters find centering frustrating. The truth...

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Pottery or Ceramics? Are they the same?

Ceramics Education Pottery

Let's dig deep and learn about the difference between "pottery" and "ceramics".

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All about pottery glazes. Finishing your pottery pieces with colors and designs.

Learn about pottery glazes and how to finish a pottery making project.

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Common pottery making tools, supplies, and equipment

Let's take a look together at some common pottery making tools and supplies that I use at my pottery making studio in the Lower Mainland, B.C. 

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